Since 2008, we have been building custom apps for the world’s most discriminating brands. In doing so, we have developed a series of native frameworks, platforms and solutions that are completely unique to Aquiance Mobile. We don’t outsource.

Everything we create is a collaborative effort of our own in-house experts. This ensures better overall communication with you so, together, we can build a better connection with your consumer.


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Mobile Strategy

Establish or optimize your plan to increase adoption, investment and total customer lifetime value across a multi-device ecosystem.


Gorgeous mockups, storyboards and compelling mobilized creative assets.


Masters with effective user experience; leveraging what your users’ already know with intuitive and contextual access.


Translate your whiteboards and paper napkins into solid and scalable Minimum Viable Product.


Internal and business process apps, like customer support, benefit vastly leveraging consumer adoption designs.

Travel & Hospitality

Enhance your guest experience, drive consumer traffic and maximizing your total guest visitation value.

Retail & Commerce

Mobilized product catalogs that drive user engagement through social capital maximize your customer lifetime value potential.

Live Events

Digital program content which works without wires and updates in near real time, while magnifying your sponsor activation to your consumer audience.

Wearables & Devices

Drive user engagement and utility using exciting wearable like the iWatch and Bluetooth iBeacons.

Deep Native Apps

Our mainstay is deeply crisp and fully integrated iOS and Android apps. Your consumer audience demands it.

Server & SDK Development

The backbone of mobile depends on robust and scalable servers and services. We have you fully covered.

SaaS Platforms

Our remarkable solutions which integrate easily into your apps, saving your considerable time, money and headache.

Habit-Forming Apps

Driving user adoption and call-to-action CLTV through leveraged behavior

While some of us produce mobile apps, we all are consumers of them. We know the difference between irritating, boring, engaging, habit forming and truly addictive apps. We don’t want to be the apps that get lost in a sea of other apps, or worse trashed when they become bothersome.

Our creative solutions carefully consider the context and behavioral drivers of the audience. Beyond the first itch that led to acquisition, we’ll scratch with well-placed external triggers; which drive further adoption, variable reward and call-to-action. By embracing an experiential experience, induced user investment of resources and social capital spirals the behavioral triggers.

Repeat until perfection.

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